Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After Affected

I've hit a wall lately, which stinks because I need to get Debris cut together and finished before June. At least, I'd like to get it cut together and finished before June, but for whatever reason whenever I try to work on the film, something comes up. OH, I NEED TO WORK OUT. OH, I NEED TO FINISH MY TAXES. OH, I NEED TO PLAN A WEDDING. OH, I SHOULD WATCH THIS ANIME.

There's also the fact that I'm relatively new to After Effects, and while I can cut together a basic verion of the film, I want better than just "basic." I want to make sure it shines. There are apparently all manner of effects and tricks you can do with AEfx, but right now I can't even figure out how the hell to fade out on a scene. Ugh.

So - if you're reading this, you know After Effects, and perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing some skills, hit a lady up!, or go to and tell me all about your vectors and your framing quotients and your alpha channels. I need to know! I must know! Time is ticking, and June is closing in...

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