Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lucky scene 13. A couple things I'm noticing as I'm starting to amass a pile of scenes that link together...

1. Main Character seems unemotional? Make him sleepier, especially in the longer scenes. It's 2:04 AM, dude needs some heavy eyelids. (note to self - revisit That One LONG Pain in the Ass Scene I Wasn't Happy With Anyway and re-do it, with exhausted gusto.)

2. Main Character's model is morphing slightly from scene to scene. I really didn't have a model pack when I started this, I just sorta dove in with a couple sketches and a rough idea of what he looked like. Good thing? Bad thing? "Artistic" thing? (Note to self - wait until production ends, several years in the future, THEN go back and fret over old, "crappy" drawings. Cry a little, while tweaking nose size in earlier scenes.)

3. Looking at all the finished scenes I've accomplished so far is - despite the mistakes I spot - really, really, really fantastic. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Non-debris related post!

Photos by Lissa Treiman.


I have some art on the wall at Meltdown Gallery with the GirlsDrawinGirls "Girls of Summer" show! You should check it out, along with the work of 49 other talented ladies.

Gallery is located at:
7522 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Been super busy with this, and other GDG projects, but I'm steadily chugging along with animation. Little by little, the scenes get done...proper update next week, I promise.