Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Debris animation is finished!

Holy gods. I have climbed the mountain, and it is made of AVIs.

Yesterday morning I exported the last scene in my pile of "scenes to animate." Three and a half years of drawing, planning, dreaming, wallowing in insecurity and self-loathing, fighting off cats, fighting computers and Flash, and learning more about the film-making process than I've ever before...if not finished, then well on its way to being so.

I've got a new mountain to climb now, and it's called "Notes and Fixes." And "Editing." And "Promotion and distribution to film festivals," and "Music," which is where these next two shout-outs come in:

Edie Nugent, my favorite lady from New York, is a PR goddess who's currently in the process of pulling my countless blogs/FB pages/websites for "Debris" into something resembling a coherent whole. Edie's a powerhouse, and she's going to be helping me out a lot in the next few weeks - keep an eye out for some new and exciting stuff on the blog and the FB page!

And Dave Zumsteg/Davey Rockets, LA musician and guitarist extraordinaire, is currently working out some tunes for the film! I send him various youtube videos of random songs I like and he turns them into some amazing stuff...I am SO excited to see everything put together. Dave is in several bands, and you can check them all out on one handy webpage here.

There will also be a DEBRIS KICKSTARTER coming in the new year, to raise funds for said composer and PR rep, as well as production costs, animators, a webpage re-design, and a few other things. Keep your eyes out for a link in early 2012!