Thursday, June 3, 2010

One-Third Animated!

To celebrate, here's a rare peek at where the magic happens. Right now it's also full of sewing notions and half-finished projects, but I left those out for effect.


  1. Three Cheers! Three Cheers!

  2. I had no idea what goes into animating a cartoon. It seems very complicated. Thanks for the sneak peak. This is a great slice of knowledge. I doodle but never even dreamed of animating what I draw . It seems that you have to have a lot of patience to do a good job. I use to take a pad of post it notes and draw little things that varied slightly on each page. Then after I had completed it and was happy I’d page through the pages and flip them fast. Low and behold the miracle of movement happened and I enjoyed self animation and a pretty nice breeze at the same time. I know that my attempts are archaic, but I guess even the most sophisticated programs use some of the basic ideas only faster, digital and online. I hope that your cartoon is a great success. It looks very funny. Is the concept a kid sitting at a computer animating his cartoons?