Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May flowers

Debris continues to move along at a steady - if somewhat slow - pace. Here's some animation I just finished today. The main character is losing his mind! And knocking over chips! Oh em gee!

I actually have a question I'll pose here, if anyone knows the answer - eventually, when I finish "Debris," I'd like to take it around to festivals, contests, etc. I'm concerned about posting more animation online, since a lot of these organizations frown on making stuff public before it's "aired." Then again, I also like sharing my work in progress with everyone...I think it's important, and it helps to motivate me.

Anyone had any experiences with this before? Should I plan on having to take down my blog/trailer in a couple of years when the film is finished and ready to be sent out? Am I already screwed because I have a production blog? If anyone's familiar with this, please enlighten me.

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