Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Focus Focus Focus

HAPPY NEW YEAR. It is what, February? I am so awesome at blog updating, you guys.

It's my shiny new new years' resolution to get Debris finished by the end of the year. So, in order to do that, I have enlisted a few other artists and friends to animate some scenes. They will use their art ninja skills and make Debris look amazing!

Without further ado, please welcome my first two animators:

Arie Monroe, from Kansas City, MO. Look at her awesome sexy pinups!

Katherine Waddell, from Boston, MA. Mad design and illustration skills! KA-POW!

I am on a wave of productiveness that may or may not be fueled by chocolate, insecurity, and Thomas Newman soundtracks. I am going to ride it while the gettin's good. Here's another still!


  1. I just discovered your blog, and you seem like a very good animator. I am an aspiring animator myself - I'm still in school for 3D animation, but I also 2D animate.

    Any tips or advice for a beginner?

  2. Hey delightful :)
    Thanks! Just keep drawing as much as you can, be open to advice and critiques, and don't let naysayers get you down. (Mostly just keep drawing!) Also, internships are a huge boost, especially your junior or senior year - you'll learn a ton, and meet lots of cool artists who might be able to help you find work.