Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lucky scene 13. A couple things I'm noticing as I'm starting to amass a pile of scenes that link together...

1. Main Character seems unemotional? Make him sleepier, especially in the longer scenes. It's 2:04 AM, dude needs some heavy eyelids. (note to self - revisit That One LONG Pain in the Ass Scene I Wasn't Happy With Anyway and re-do it, with exhausted gusto.)

2. Main Character's model is morphing slightly from scene to scene. I really didn't have a model pack when I started this, I just sorta dove in with a couple sketches and a rough idea of what he looked like. Good thing? Bad thing? "Artistic" thing? (Note to self - wait until production ends, several years in the future, THEN go back and fret over old, "crappy" drawings. Cry a little, while tweaking nose size in earlier scenes.)

3. Looking at all the finished scenes I've accomplished so far is - despite the mistakes I spot - really, really, really fantastic. :)

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  1. Two seconds!! You tease!
    Everything is looking so nice.