Sunday, July 12, 2009

Story Cuts, Rough Cuts

I dove back into the Debris storyline recently, and I found myself cutting again--this time, a couple of sequences that I found redundant when I looked at the whole story. I really like the feel of the film a lot more now...the line between hallucination/reality is suitably blurred, but (hopefully) not to a point that will leave the audience completely baffled. At least, not baffled in a bad way.

That's one of the great things about working on something that's not a TV production...I can do things like go back and cut entire sequences, and no one gets pissed! HA!

ALSO - in Non-Debris Related News, GirlsDrawinGirls (the art collective I am a part of) will be exhibiting at COMICON 2009 - booth 5428!! Come by and say hi and check out some sassy pinup art drawn by sassy ladies. I will not be there this year, unfortunately, as I will be careening down the Colorado River in a rubber raft, 50 miles from a paved road. Wooo!

Here's a rough cut of Sc. 8!

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