Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last summer, I had a few weeks off, and I storyboarded Debris in something like 3 weeks. I really didn't think a lot as I did it, other than just to get out what was in my head. Right now, the animatic I boarded out is about 8 minutes long. That's waa-a-y too long. Endless. Interminable. Originally, I couldn't see cutting anything from the animatic, but that was four months ago. Watching it again (and again, and again), I see a lot of places where it could be tightened and clarified.

My goal this week (and the next 3-4 weeks) is to cut at least 3 minutes from the animatic.

While I do that, here are some more rough designs. Skunks...mystic skunks....

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